Daily Tour 5 day
Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt Tour Guide: KING RAMSSES EGYPT TOUR


DAYS                                                   Activities       Accommodation

Day 01

 Meet and assist at Cairo airport

Transfer to hotel for overnight


Hotel in Cairo


Day 02

 Visit the great pyramids of Gize

Visit the Egyptian museum


Hotel in Cairo


Day 03

 Transfer to Bahariya oasis from Cairo

visit the Valley of the Golden Mummies

tour around the oasis to discover  it and see the natural water springs


Hotel in Bahariya oasis


Day 04

Visit the black desert

Visit the White Desert and camping there


Camp whit desert


Day 05

Transfer to Farafra oasis 180km South of Bahariya

Visit Badr Museum in Farafra Oasis

Transfer to Dakhala oasis

Visit Qasr El Dakhla

visit the sandstone temple of Deir Al Hagar or (the monastery of the stone)




Hotel in Dakhala oasis


Day 06

Transfer to Kharga Oasis about (194 km)

Visit the temple of Nadura

Visit El Kharga Museum

Visit the Temple of Hibis


Hotel in Kharga oasis


Day 07


Transfer to Luxor from El kharga Oasis

Hotel in Luxor for overnight


Hotel in Luxor


Day 08


Visit Karnak & Luxor temples

Transfer to Nile cruise boat


Nile cruise boat


Day 09

Visit the valley of the kings

Visit the tampel of the queen Hatshepsut

& 2 colossie of Memnon


Nile cruise boat


Day 10

Visit Edfu temple

Visit Kom ombu


Nile cruise boat


Day 11

Visit philea temple

Visit the high Dam


Nile cruise boat


Day 12


Disembarkation  & Transfer to airport  ( depart )

Price includes

  • 2 nights’ accommodation hotel in Cairo
  • 1 night accommodation hotel in Bahariya Oasis.
  • 1 night camp whit desert
  • 1 night accommodation hotel in Dakhala Oasis
  • 1 night accommodation hotel in KHarga Oasis
  • 1 night accommodation hotel in Luxor
  • 4 nishts’ accommodation Nile cruise Boat
  • All transfers by a private AC Minivan
  • All visits mentioned above
  • All entry fees of mentioned sightseeing.
  • English Speaking Tour guide
  • All necessary permissions. All tax.
  • No hidden cost.

Price excludes

  • International flights
  • Tips
  • Visa

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Day 1 : Cairo
After greet and Welcome to Cairo! Upon your arrival, you will be met and assist at Cairo airport by Egypt secrets tours representative who will be awaiting your arrival at passenger pick up and on call throughout your entire stay.
Transfer in private air condition minivan with English speaking driver from the Airport to your hotel for relaxing and rest to be ready for an amazing tour of Cairo in the next day , overnight in hotel.
Cairo, “the city of a thousand minarets” is the largest city in the Middle-East. On its west side lies the capital of the Old Kingdom, Memphis, still hints of ancient days of grandeur and victory. On its east side lies the beautiful Garden City, with its lush, sprawling gardens and expansive ornamental palaces. From medieval markets to oriental dance shows; from Roman ruins to the mighty Pyramids of Giza & Sphinx, there is never a dull moment in this city!
Day 2 : Cairo
After breakfast Get ready for an adventurous day exploring the vibrant city of Giza! Your private certified Egyptologist will provide a fascinating introduction to each of the three famed pyramids of Giza the only one of the seven wonders that is still standing today.
Following the Great Pyramids, you will continue across the panorama for a photo opportunity of the pyramids rising from the sands, with the Cairo skyline in the background. Then You will discover the beauty of the lion’s body and the human headed sphinx, one of the largest monolith statues in history of mankind.
Your next stop it will be a private tour of the Egyptian Museum awaits. Built in 1891, the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities hosting the largest collection of Pharaonic displays in the whole world including the startling treasures of King Tut Ankh Amun and the Royal mummies’ hall. This is besides many other exhibitions form different Pharaonic periodsthe Royal Mummies. Transport back in time and lose yourself in the many rooms and galleries where history is yours to discover.
After this back to hotel for overnight .
Day 3 : Cairo – Bahariya Oasis
In the morning After breakfast in the hotel, it will be time to check out the hotel
The guest will be taken by guide and the comfortable private air-conditioned minibus to El-Wahat el-Bahariya or el-Bahariya Oasis, 365 kilometers to the South West of Cairo duration 3.5 hour .
Bahariya oasis consists of many villages, of which El Bawiti is the largest and the administrative center. Qasr is el-Bawiti’s neighboring/twin village. To the east, about ten kilometers away are the villages of Mandishah and el-Zabu. A smaller village called el-‘Aguz lies between El Bawiti and Mandishah. Harrah, the eastern most village, is a few kilometers east of Mandishah and el-Zabu. El Hayz, also called El-Hayez, is the southernmost village, but it may not always be considered as part of Bahariya because it is so far from the rest of the villages, about fifty kilometers south of El Bawiti. There is an oasis at El-Hayez where mummies have been found on which genetic studies have been conducted.
The guest will do tour around the oasis to discover it and see the natural water springs and the wonderful natural scenery. Then will visit the Valley of the Golden Mummies, which discovered in 1999 at El-Hayez oasis . There were hundreds of tombs scattered over a surface area of 36 square kilometers.
When we reach the Bahariya Oasis, Check in the hotel for overnight.
Day 4: Bahariya Oasis – White Desert
After breakfast, the guest will start the day with an amazing tour to visit the wonders of the Western Desert
Afterwards, we ride in the comfortable air-conditioned 4X4 jeep to start the tours of the day
Our first visit of the day will be to the Black Desert which located in Bahariya oasis , was named that way because of the color of the rocks and mountains located there. These rocks have gained their colors from black quartz that are present inside numerous rocks.
After this we will continue the trip to the Farafra Oasis, and on our way we stop to visit the crystal mountain, one of the most famous attraction of the white desert.
Our last stop of the day is the most interesting and fascinating as we will visit the internationally famous White Desert, the most important attraction in the Western Desert of Egypt. Covering a surface area of around three thousand kilometers. It consists of bizarre chalk white rock formations that were once the surface of a shallow sea that covered this area in prehistoric times. The rocks create all sorts of shapes like mushrooms, animals, and strange looking sculptures. All this area has become a natural protected area during the last few years. Then have time to Take a nature walk through its lunar landscape.
At the end of the day, we set up the camp in the desert to enjoy the magical atmosphere while have a nature walk through its lunar landscape while dinner is cooked by your Bedouin guides around a campfire . Sleep under the stars in the open air or in tents. Tents and sleeping bags are provided overnight in comfortable camp.

Day 5 : White Desert – Farafra oasis – Dakhla Oasis.
Get up early to see the sun rising, After breakfast will prepared in the camp, it will be the time to start our fabulous tour of the Western Desert

Our first stop of the day will be at the Farafra Oasis, located 180 kilometers to the South of Bahariya, Enjoy the tranquillity of this small oasis with its hectares of palm groves. Also you will have an amazing chance to swim in one of the natural water springs located in the city , Swim in the freshwater lake of Abu Nus, which is also a birdwatcher’s paradise.
Your next stop it will be to Badr Museum, which is a splendid small museum hosting the work of Badr Abdel Moghny, a self-taught local artist, illustrating the art and the culture of the Farafra Oasis.
Afterwards drive on south to the Dakhla Oasis, the capital of the Egyptian oasis during the Pharaonic times which is now one of famous for many historical sites, natural scenery, and handmade products. We visit the old City of Dakhla with all its re while listening to a wonderful illustration of the history of this popular oasis.

Our next stop will be to the village of Qasr El Dakhla, which is an ancient Islamic village with houses and mosques all around it this village was inhabited more than 500 years ago.
Our next stop of the day will be to the visit the sandstone temple of Deir Al Hagar or (the monastery of the stone). This temple which was constructed during the Roman time in Egypt and in particular during the reign of Roman emperor Nero (54- 68 AD) is dedicated to the Theban triad; Amun, Mut, and Khonsu and it is considered one of the finest examples of the architecture of the time .
At the end of the day, we check in our hotel in Dakhla for overnight.

Day 6 : Dakhla Oasis – Kharga Oasis.
After having tasty breakfast in the hotel, we will be prepared to go on with our tour.
We drive from Dakhala to reach Al Kharga Oasis about (194 km) duration 2 hours . Inhabited since prehistoric times, the Kharga Oasis is the most populated town in the Western Desert. will check in you hotel in the Kharga Oasis.
Your first visit today it will be the tour of the temple of Nadura, built during the Roman period , most probably for the worship of the wife of god Amun. The ruins of this temple contain marvelous preserved wall paintings.
your next visit will be to the Kharga Museum, hosting a number of exhibits that were found in the area dating back from prehistoric times to the Coptic period
your last visit of the day it will be to the Temple of Hibis. is the largest and best preserved ancient Egyptian temple in the Kharga Oasis, as well as the only structure in Egypt dating to the Saite-Persian period (664-404 BCE) which has come down to modern times in relatively good condition. Located about 2 km north of Kharga, it was devoted to a syncretism of two local forms of the deity Amun: “Amun of Hibis” and “Amun-Ra of Karnak who dwells in Hibis.
the 26th dynasty and the building work was completed by the Persian king Darius I (521 – 486 BC) and was enlarged during the periods of Nectanebo I and Ptolemy II.
After this back to hotel for Overnight .

Day 7 : Kharga Oasis – Luxor.
After having the best breakfast, the guest will be taken with comfortable air condition minivan to Luxor about 290 km duration 3hours
Transfer to your hotel in Luxor to Check in and have a free night to explore Luxor city on your own.
Day 8 : Luxor – Nile Cruise.
First day Luxor tour
Luxor, a UNESCO World patrimony Site, has frequently been characterized as the “world’s greatest open air museum and the world capital of truism in 2016 “, as the ruins of the temple complexes at Karnak and Luxor stand within the modern city. Immediately opposite, across the River Nile where you going to see the monuments, temples and tombs on the West Bank of Nile river , which include the Valley of the Kings and Hatchipsut temple in the way back will stop by the 2 colossus of Memenon . Archeologically speaking, Luxor is the most important site in all of Egypt and a rare gem of a city that is unlike any other in the world.
After having tasty breakfast, the guest will check out the hotel and Transfer using the most comfortable air-conditioned minivan to embark your Nile Cruise boat .
Your private tour guide takes you through the East Bank of the Nile ,You will start your tour of the day by exploring the Karnak Temple the most biggest temple on all over the world and the largest religious Pharaonic structure which dedicated to the god Amon Ra . the Pharaohs staring the construction of this temple from the 11th dynasty (2055 – 1985 BC) the time of the middle kingdom ,then began adding their marks, one after the other, to this huge complex of Pharaonic temples..
Your next stop this evening will be to the Luxor Temple. Which Dedicated to the holy Theban triad, the gods Amun, his wife Mut, and his son Khonsu, it is one of the best examples of the Pharaonic engineering . most the construction work of the temple was mainly completed by Amenhotep III (1390 – 1352 BC) and Ramses II (1279 1213 BC), many kings who ruled Egypt afterwards have added their parts to this great complex including Alexander the Great. Luxor temple was buried under sand and dust for years until it was discovered in 1881 after this back to boat night onboard.
Day 9 : Nile Cruise.
After breakfast drive to the west side of the Nile river to Visit the Valley of the Kings where you will see the intact royal tombs of the Pharaohs of the new kingdom . Then Stop at the magnificent mortuary temple of Queen Hatshepsut, This temple was used as a monastery in the Christian era. This is why it is famous for the name “El Deir Al Bahry”, or the Western Monastery. and make your way towards the immense Colossi of Memnon. The Colossi of Memnon are two massive stone statues of Pharaoh Amenhotep III. For the past 3,400 years, they have stood in the Theban necropolis, across the River Nile from the modern city of Luxor. Your last stop will be at the Theban Necropolis, which was used for ritual burials during pharaonic times.
After this unforgettable journey back in time, you will return to your boat for an exquisite lunch. And start sail on to Esna where you will cross the luck of Esna , , Esna Lock in the River Nile links Esna to Aswan. The Lock was opened January 1 st 1996 at elevation difference of 8 meters, 17 meters wide, 221 meters long and 14.6 meters depth. Its body consists of 7 Joints each of them is 20.6 meters long. After cross the lock will continue sailing to Edfu , night onboard .
Day 10 :Edfu – Kom ombo.
The city of Edfu houses the Ptolemaic Temple of Horus, dedicated to the falcon-god Horus and built over a period of two thousand years ,the construction work of the temple started during the reign of Ptolemy III in 237 BC and continued until 57 BC. The temple includes wonderfully decorated walls and stone capitals .You will leave your boat with a nice ride through the town of Edfu with horse carriage for a tour of this incredible archeological treasure. The inner walls of the building tell the mysterious story of Horus coming into existence. Horus was born upon the death of his father, Osiris, the god of the underworld who was killed by his brother, Seth. The much beloved goddess Isis brought Horus into life from a piece of Osiris’ flesh. Horus later battled Seth and won the battle but lost an eye in the process. Hence, the eye of Horus has important religious symbolism in ancient Egyptian mythology.
After this unforgettable tour through one of ancient Egypt’s greatest site, you will return to your boat
And continue sailing to kom ombo .
Kom ombo city where you going to visit the amazing Temple Of Kom Ombo which dedicated to 2 gods; Horus, the falcon god, and Sobek, the crocodile god. The Greco-Roman temple is famous for its matchless location overlooking the Nile. The building work of this temple started in the 2nd century BC by Ptolemy VI and was completed during the reign of Ptolemy XII during the 1st century AD .
Back to the boat and enjoy the sailing with sunset over the Nile river to Aswan night onboard .
Day 11 :Aswan.
Aswan Governorate is Egypt’s southernmost city and arguably one of the most visually stunning in terms of its location and geography. Once the gateway to inner Africa and today as the last port of call for all Nile river cruises, Aswan is particularly known for its two dams and blended Nubian Culture. A city that truly gives you the feeling that you are in Africa as opposed to a desert land, highlights include the Aswan High Dam, Temple of Philae, the Unfinished Obelisk, Mausoleum of Aga Khan, St. Simeon’s Monastery and Kalabsha Temple.
Start your exciting Aswan tour with a stop the High Dam of Aswan, built by the former president of Egypt , Gamal Abdel Nasser from 1960s to 1971 officially worked 27th of January 1971 to reserve the Nile Water that was lost every year in the artificial Nasser Lake. The High Dam, that was viewed as an architectural miracle at the time, also generates a lot of the electricity consumed in Egypt , the High dam of Aswan a modern architectural project containing more than 18 times the material used to build the Great Pyramid of Khufu! From a pavilion perched over the enormous rock and clay dam, you can admire the Temple of Kalabsha and one of the largest man-made lakes in the world, the impressive Lake Nasser

Head onwards to the the fascinating Temple of Philae, one of the most beautiful temples constructed in Egypt during the Greco Roman era . This fabulous temple which dedicated to the goddess Isis was constructed as one of the finest examples of the combined architecture of ancient Egyptians and the Greco-Romans styles. This temple, because the construction of the High Dam was all covered with water in the old site Bigeh island which located between the old dam of Aswan and the new high dam until it was relocated in its present day location in the Agilika Island this project that took 8 years from 1972 to 1980 to be completed after this tour your guide takes you back to your boat to relaxing and having your tasty lunch .
In the afternoon Explore Aswan by traditional felucca and sail around elephantine island enjoying a romantic walk on Nile river with this felucca after this back to boat and night onboard .
Day 12 :Aswan final departure.
Unfortunately this your last day in Aswan , we say goodbye to you today. transfer to Aswan airport for your flight back to home and Your final departure after spending a marvelous memorable tour in Egypt that you will remember for the rest of your life.

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