Cairo, Fayoum ,Alexandria and Siwa oasis tour

Sunset over The Western Sahara Desert in Africa
Daily Tour 5 day
Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt Tour Guide: Cairo, Fayoum ,Alexandria and Siwa oasis tour


    Day                            Activities Accommodation

Day 01

     Meet and assist at the  Cairo airport

Transfer to hotel for overnight


Hotel in Cairo


Day 02

     Visit the pyramids of Giza

Visit the Egyptian museum


Hotel in Cairo


Day 03

     Visit the citadel of Cairo

Visit the   Coptic monuments of Cairo


Hotel in Cairo


Day 04

   Transfer to Fayoum from Cairo

Visit the valley of Whales , Wadi Rayan

&Qarun lake.


Hotel in Fayoum


Day 05

        Transfer back to Cairo from Fayoum

Visit the step pyramids of Saqqara & Memphis


Hotel in Cairo



Day 06

      Transfer to Alexandria from Cairo

Visit  the catacombs of Kom Al Shoqafa

Visit  the modern Library of Alexandria

Visit  Fortress of Qaitbay

Transfer to hotel for overnight



Hotel in Alexandria


Day 07


Transfer to Siwa oasis from Alexandria


Hotel in Siwa oasis


Day 08

Visit  the mountain of dead ( Gabel El Mawta )

Visit  the temple of the Oracle of Amun

Visit the  Cleopatra Bath

Visit of  Gebel Dakrour


Hotel in Siwa oasis


Day 09

   Visit  Bir Wahed, a freshwater lake

Visit the old village of  Abu Shrouf

visit the salt lake


Hotel in Siwa oasis


Day 10

    Transfer back to Cairo from Siwa oasis

Hotel for overnight in Cairo


Hotel in Cairo


Day 11


Transfer to Cairo airport  ( depart )

Price includes :

  • 5 nights’ accommodation hotel in Cairo with breakfast
  • 1 night accommodation hotel in Fayoum with breakfast
  • 1 night accommodation hotel in Alexandria with breakfast
  • 3 nights’ accommodation hotel in Siwa oasis with breakfast
  • All transfers by a private AC Minivan
  • All visits mentioned above
  • All entry fees of mentioned sightseeing.
  • English Speaking Tour guide
  • All necessary permissions. All tax.
  • No hidden cost.

    Price excludes:

  • International flights
  • Tips
  • Visa
  • Meals and beverages

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Cairo, Fyaoum ,Alexandria and Siwa oasis tour   

Day 01 :arrival in Cairo
Welcome to Cairo! Upon your arrival, you will be met at Cairo airport by Egypt secrets tours representative and will be transferred to your hotel for overnight .
Cairo, “the city of a thousand minarets” is the largest city in the Middle-East. On its west side lies the capital of the Old Kingdom, Memphis, still hints of ancient days of grandeur and victory. On its east side lies the beautiful Garden City, with its lush, sprawling gardens and expansive ornamental palaces. From medieval markets to oriental dance shows; from Roman ruins to the mighty Pyramids of Giza & Sphinx, there is never a dull moment in this city!
Day 02 : Cairo
After breakfast, you will be taken by our tour guide , experienced Egyptologist who will escort you for the rest of the day.
Your first visit of the day will be to the Pyramids of Giza, the most popular monument in the whole world and the only one of the seven wonders that is still standing today , built by the pharaohs from the old kingdom period starting from 2590 BC to 2480 BC. You will have the chance to explore the wonders of the Great Pyramid, the largest Pyramid ever constructed in Egypt which was built by King Cheops .
Following the Great Pyramids, you will continue across the panorama for a photo opportunity of the pyramids rising from the sands, with the Cairo skyline in the background.
Then You will discover the beauty of the lion’s body and the human headed sphinx, one of the largest monolith statues in history of mankind.
Your tour will be accompanied, all the time, with wonderful historical interpretation explaining the reasons behind building such massive structure.
Your next stop in that day it will be at the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities hosting the largest collection of Pharaonic displays in the whole world including the startling treasures of King Tut Ankh Amun and the Royal mummies’ hall. This is besides many other exhibitions form different Pharaonic periods.
At the end of the day you will be transferred back to your hotel for overnight .
Day 03: cairo
After breakfast, the guest will be taken by our guide and Egyptologist to start a fascinating day touring Cairo .
Your first stop it will be tour to discover the Citadel, which built by the great Ayoubid Sultan and warrior, Sultan Salah El Dine Al Ayouby between 1176 and 1183 AD to be the castle which protect Egypt and Cairo as it was the political center at this time against the foreign attacks. This citadel became the seat of the power in Egypt for a very long period afterwards. Then the guest will have the chance to visit the Alabaster Mosque of Mohamed Ali which lactated inside the citadel. Mohamed Ali, who is considered the founder of Modern Egypt, he built this amazing mosque of alabaster between 1830 and 1848 AD .
Your last visit of the day will be to explore the monuments located in Coptic Cairo where many fascinating Coptic monuments are located like the Hanging Church, one of the oldest churches ever built in Egypt, the church of Saint Barbra, The Coptic Museum, and the Ben Ezra synagogue, the most ancient Jewish Temple in Egypt .
At the end of this fascinating day, you will be transferred to the hotel for overnight .
Day 04 :Cairo – Fayoum valley of the whales
In the morning after have your tasty breakfast will meet you guide and drive to Fayoum 150 km far south west of cairo duration 2 hours .
We start drive From Cairo to south towards Fayoum, one the largest Western Desert oasis . When we reach Fayoum first we stop at Lake Qaroun for a tour by felucca (half an hour) Qarun Lake is considered the oldest natural lakes in the world, the third largest lake in Egypt and the rest of Lake Old Maurice. It is considered an interior lake which is not related to any sea and an area of around 53 thousands acres in Fayoum Down. The lake level ranges between 44.3 meters and 44.8 meters under sea level, and average water depth is about 4.2 meters in total. More than 75% of the area of the lake’s depth (2-5), and about 20% of surface-depth (5 to 8) meters.
After this head to Wadi Rayan The valley of Wadi El-Rayan is an area of 1759km2, 113km2 of which are the dominating water body of the Wadi El Rayan lakes. It is located about 65km southwest of Faiyum city and 80km west of the Nile River .Wadi Rayan where we going to visit the spring and waterfall.
After this having lunch, and then we continue into the desert. We reach Wadi Al Hitan (which known as the Valley of Whales), Wadi Al-Hitan is the most important site in the world to demonstrate one of the iconic changes that make up the record of life on Earth: the evolution of the whales, the valley of whales is a surreal region where huge boulders seem to be capped with an imaginary icing of thick caramelized syrup, which appears to ooze down their sides. Within this extraordinary landscape the fossil remains of Zeuglodon have been found – whales that existed in the Fayoum over 40 million years ago. After this amazing tour in Fayoum we going to check in hotel for overnight .
Day 05 : Fayoum -Cairo
In the morning after enjoy your tasty breakfast start drive back to cairo
Duration 2 hours
When you arrive to Cairo will start Your first visit of the day , it will be Saqqara, which lies at 20-mile distance from Cairo , the vast, ancient burial ground, which served as the necropolis for the Ancient Egyptian capital, Memphis. Your guide will provide a brief history of the famous step Pyramid of Djoser, the Step Pyramid was built in the 27th century BC during the 3rd dynasty of old kingdom rule of Djoser. You will have free time to enjoy and explore the area .
Your next stop is Memphis, the ancient capital of Egypt. Its ruins are located 25 Km distance south of Cairo, Memphis was believed to be under the protection of the god Ptah , also the city it was a centre for the worship of Ptah, Memphis where you going to see artifacts from many of the great rulers of Egypt, including the huge fallen statue of Ramses II and The alabaster sphinx.
After this back to hotel in Cairo for overnight.
Day 06: Cairo – Alexandria
In the morning After the tasty breakfast at the hotel, the guest will be met by our tour guide for their trip to Alexandria
You will start your journey to Alexandria, which located 270 kilometers to the North West of Cairo, driving in the most comfy and cozy air-conditioned bus.
Arrive in Alexandria after approximately three hours to start your tour of the city to visit the catacombs of Kom Al Shoqafa, the most ancient and mysterious Alexandrian ancient necropolis. The Catacombs, which is a three underground floor spooky necropolis, was first established around the 2nd century BC.
This amazing burial site is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World in the middle Ages.
Your next visit will be at the Bibliotheca Alexandria , the modern Library of Alexandria, which was built in 2002, as an a new version of the famous ancient Library of Alexandria, built by Ptolemy II around (285 ـ 247) BC, and then destroyed by Julius Cesar in the year 48 BC. The library of Alexandria hosts a huge collection of books gathered from all around the world. This is besides an interesting museum.
Now it’s time to view the magical atmosphere of one of the most famous landmarks of Alexandria, the Fortress of Qaitbay who was a famous Mamluk leader and warrior in the 15th century AD. He used the stones that remained from the collapsed ancient Pharonic Light house to construct his fortress at the western edge of Alexandria in 1477. This fortress is one of the amazing examples of the military structures of the Mamluk time .
At the end of the day you will be transferred to your hotel in Alexandria for overnight .
Day 07: Alexandria –Siwa
In the early morning after breakfast we drive from Alexandria to Siwa oasis 590km .
Duration 6 hours
The oasis located in the Western Desert of Egypt have become one of a favorite and popular destination for tourists visiting Egypt from all over the world every year. Siwa, the most distant and mysterious oasis among all the oasis in the Western Desert, is one of the most interesting destinations in Egypt hosting many fabulous amazing attractions and a community that still holds to its old tribal culture, customs, and beliefs.
Arrival Siwa oasis transfer to hotel for rest and relaxing and overnight.
Day 08 : Siwa
After having breakfast start our day
Your first stop of the day it will be to visit the mountain of dead ( Gabel El Mawta ) burial ground where contain many of tombs cut in the rocks of this mountain, the tombs are located down the side of the mountain. The tombs dating from the 26th Pharaonic dynasty to the Greco Roman period .
The next stop of the day it will be at the temple of the Oracle of Amun, the most famous and important monument of Siwa. This temple was the home of one of the most famous oracles in ancient world. Alexander the Great has visited this temple in 331 BC to gain confirmation to be the King of Egypt , the sight Built during the 26th Dynasty (though the Oracle’s origin is reputed to be much, much older), this temple and its Oracle flourished well into the Greek and Roman periods .
Your next stop of the day will be to the Cleopatra Bath, it’s a stoned pool near the Temple of Amun and is considered to be one of the most famous springs in Siwa oasis , where you will enjoy swimming in this fabulous natural bath.
your last visit of the day it will be to the Gebel Dakrour, is the highest point in Siwa and one of the most famous places in the world for healing Rheumatism by putting the whole body under the hot sand of this mountain. This area is famous since the Greco Roman period .
After this back to hotel for overnight .
Day 09 : Siwa
After breakfast will start your day
Frist visit of the day will be at Bir Wahed, a freshwater lake in the middle of the desert. It can be one of a great escape from the heat of the day and an appropriate option for refreshing yourself . Bir Wahed one of the most popular touristic attractions located 15km to the Southwest of Swia oasis .
Your next stop Abu Shrouf, which is a small village located near Siwa and it contains the ruins of a Roman temple with many items left for visitors to view, recently discovered Roman tombs, and an ancient Roman olive oil factory. In this old village you going to find one of the largest and most beautiful springs in Siwa Ain Abu Shrouf ,Its water is cool and very clear.
We continue the trip exploring another natural spring water it’s Ain Safi, one of the most amazing natural water spring located just two kilometers to the Southeast of Siwa and surrounded with many palm trees which very green area .
At the end of the day we going to visit the salt lake it’s very salty lake you can float. It offers a floating experience , it’s also a great place for watching sunsets.
After this back to your hotel in Siwa oasis for overnight .
Day 10: Siwa –Cairo
In the morning After have your tasty breakfast, will check out of hotel, and you will be taken by private air-conditioned minivan to head towards Cairo.
Duration 8 hours
Arrive to cairo and transfer to your hotel in cairo for overnight .
Day 11 : cairo ( departure )
Unfortunately, the last day in Cairo
After breakfast check out of the hotel , Your final departure after spending a marvelous memorable tour in Egypt exploring Cairo , Fayoum ,Alexandria and Siwa oasis that you will remember for the rest of your life , you will be Transferred by private air condition minivan to Cairo Airport for your flight home by Egypt secrets tours .

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