Abu Simbel Sun Festival

The Temples of Abu Simbel are a huge attraction in Egypt, Many tourists are coming into the country each year.

The temple has been built by King Ramses II, the temples are touted to be the most impressive ones in the country. The Sun temple, located on the banks of River Nile, was built in 1250 B.C. and is carved into the sandstone cliffs. The 65-foot seated Ramses statue is the temple’s main attraction.

There are two other temples in the complex as well, one for Ramses and the second for his queen Nefertiti.

Although they seem like monuments to Ramesses II and his wife, both temples are actually temples dedicated to the gods.

The larger temple with four huge statues of Ramesses II seated in front of it is dedicated to Amun, Ptah, and Re-Harakty. The second temple, still huge although significantly smaller than the first, was built to honor Ramesses favorite wife, Nefertari, and is dedicated to the goddess Hathor.

The temple has six colossal statues on its facade, four depicting Ramesses and the two showing Nefertari. The second temple is significant for the status that is affords to the wife of the pharaoh, depicting her several times on equal footing with the pharaoh.

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